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2023 VW ID.3 Facelift Spied With Minor Styling Updates

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The VW ID.3 is up for an update this year and without the visitor previewed it with a series of official sketches, our spy photographers unprotected a lightly unemphatic prototype of the EV during winter testing.

The white prototype of the 2023 VW ID.3 didn’t come with a full hush-up wrap, but some cleverly positioned woebegone stickers trying to hibernate the changes from the untrained eye. The most obvious transpiration so far appears to be the redesigned bumper, which now features a pair of vertical intakes on the sides for improved aerodynamics. The inside intake has moreover reverted its shape, losing the honeycomb pattern whilom it, although the woebegone tape on the prototype tries to make it squint like the pre-facelifted model.

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 2023 VW ID.3 Facelift Spied With Minor Styling Updates

Another visual update is a new single-color bonnet, ditching the woebegone panel of its predecessor making it squint longer and cleaner. Again, VW widow a woebegone sticker on the hood of this test car in a bid to trick us. Judging from the sketches and from the prototype, the rest of the bodywork will be carried over from the current ID.3.

The interior of the model was covered, hiding the larger 12-inch infotainment touchscreen with the updated software which will be a standard full-length for all trims. The small digital instrument cluster, the climate vents, and the part-way panel will moreover be updated, while the fancy gearshift lever of the outgoing model will be replaced by a increasingly conventional one. VW moreover talks well-nigh improved interior quality, using sustainable and animal-free materials for the upholstery. As for the highly criticized touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, the automaker has pledged to get rid of them but in they will likely be carried over in the 2023 VW ID.3 until the next model year update.

 2023 VW ID.3 Facelift Spied With Minor Styling Updates

Volkswagen tries to convince us that this is the “second generation” of the ID.3 although it is well-spoken we are talking well-nigh a facelift of the meaty hatchback. The EV was originally introduced in 2018 as the first model to ride on the widely used MEB tracery and the first member of the fully electric ID. family.

The mechanical shit of the 2023 VW ID.3 are expected to be carried over in the updated model, but the range figures will be improved by 2% thanks to the increasingly aerodynamic bodywork. VW has moreover confirmed the upcoming ID.3 GTX hot hatch with increased power output from dual electric motors, sportier looks, and a spicier chassis setup sitting at the top of the lineup.

While the 2023 VW ID.3 hasn’t been properly revealed, the automaker has once started unsuspicious orders for it. Prices start from €43,995 ($46,336) for the ID.3 Pro Life, all the way up to €56,500 ($59,230) for the ID.3 Pro S Tour, with both figures calculated surpassing government incentives. Production will take place in Zwickau, Dresden, and Wolfsburg plants, while the first deliveries of the facelifted model are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Image Credits: Baldauf

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