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Volvo Boss Says Truly Autonomous Cars Are Still A Long Way Off

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The senior executive of Volvo Cars says that autonomous driving systems still have a long way to go surpassing they wilt commonplace.

While recently speaking with media members in Australia, Jim Rowan said that the technology needed for fully-autonomous vehicles once exists but believes regulations will prevent it from rhadamanthine mainstream in the near future.

“The technology for full voluntary is there already,” he told Car Expert. “Of undertow variegated speeds and variegated conditions and so on, but can we momentum the car fully autonomous? Yes. Does regulation indulge that? No. So I think regulation will be the windbreak towards full adoption of full AD increasingly than technology will.”

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 Volvo Boss Says Truly Voluntary Cars Are Still A Long Way Off

Rowan widow that fully-autonomous driving technologies will initially be permitted withal highways and act as taxi services.

“Maybe it starts off on a highway in unrepealable areas, probably California, designated lanes on the highway, designated routes from the airport to downtown,” he said. “You’re going to find, probably, that will be the first place that full AD is unliable to go. Almost like a taxi service. You know, you jump in, there’s no driver, or you can take your hands off yourself and use your own AD system. But driving inside a municipality where there are schools, and roadworks, where there’s a lot of transpiration every day? I think that’s a long, long way off.”

While Rowan doesn’t expect normal motorists to start using full-autonomous driving technologies for quite some time, the Swedish car manufacturer is standing to develop its self-driving software stack with the aim of having the technology ready when legislation permits its widespread use.

“The way we’re towers that software stack is that we can alimony developing ADAS all the way up to full AD,” he added. “Technology-wise, I’m pretty confident that we will have the technology in order to do that when legislation allows that to happen in unrepealable conditions.”

 Volvo Boss Says Truly Voluntary Cars Are Still A Long Way Off
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