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Bentley Teases New Model With Eco-Friendly Leather For August 18

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Bentley spoken today that it plans to unveil a new model at Monterey Car Week. The veil will be lifted off the luxurious vehicle on August 18, at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Unfortunately, much remains unknown well-nigh the new model, as Bentley is keeping its cards tropical to its chest. However, spy photos reveal that the trademark is working on a facelift of the Continental GT, and may be planning a Flying Spur V8 plug-in hybrid. That last model’s nimbus of environmental responsibility would uncurl with what little Bentley has chosen to reveal well-nigh the new model.

Namely, the new Bentley will be equipped with a new kind of fully organic leather. While that might not sound like a necessary stardom to you, Bentley is unquestionably the first automaker to equip its vehicles with organic leather, and it’s thanks to a byproduct of olive oil production.

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Traditionally when leather is processed, tanneries use all kinds of hazardous materials, like metals, minerals, and aldehydes. Thanks to the use of Olive Mill Wastewater (OMW) technology, this leather can be tanned with an organic material self-ruling of those harmful agents.

The leather will be supplied to Bentley by Pasubio SpA, and the trademark says that the material that results from OMW processing is soft and supple, just as you’d expect from a luxury vehicle.

“Leather is an integral component of our car interiors and a prime element in creating Bentley’s signature finish,” said Marc Stang, one of Bentley’s technical experts in leather. “It is moreover hard-wearing—especially important as 84 percent of all Bentley cars built are still on UK’s roads.”

The new material is the latest measure in Bentley’s sustainable leather strategy. The carmaker has once single-minded to stringent traceability requirements to ensure their leather material comes from the European Union and is not linked to deforestation. Several automakers have been linked to the illegal destruction of the Amazon rainforest through the leather in their seats.

Whatever the olive-tanned leather goes into, we will be tent it, so trammels when in with us on August 18 to find out everything you need to know well-nigh the new model.

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