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Is Anyone Going To Pay Over $400,000 For This Mansory Bentley Continental GT?

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Baby undecorous suits a car like the Bentley Continental GT veritably perfectly and for those looking to get overdue the wheel of a luxurious Bentley that stands out from all others, this particular one could be perfect.

Modified by none other than Mansory, this Continental GT has wilt a little increasingly eye-catching but unlike many of the tuner’s other projects, the changes made are quite subtle and unquestionably suit the car surprisingly well.

Up front, you will no doubt notice that the Bentley is now rocking a revised bumper with striking new shrouds virtually the air intakes and a small splitter, all made from stat fiber. Mansory has moreover refinished the grille in black. It has then fitted the Continental GT with a set of fully forged wheels known as the FD.15. These massive 22-inch shoes have an intriguing aerodisc-esque diamond and squint quite striking.


For reference, these wheels aren’t sectional to this Continental GT either and can be fitted to a range of other models, including the Audi RS6, Audi RS7, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, just to name a few.

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Some other alterations have been made to the car. These include the fitment of stat webbing wing mirror caps, stat webbing side skirt extensions, a rear lip spoiler, a stock-still rear wing, and a rear diffuser, moreover manufactured from lightweight stat fiber.

Then there’s the price. Mansory is currently looking to part ways with this very Continental GT and is asking for €368,900 (~$409,000). That’s an eye-watering sum given that a new Continental GT can be purchased in Germany for a little over €220,000 (~$244,000).

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