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Rare 1991 Callaway Corvette With Twin-Turbo V8 Might Your Ticket To Exclusivity

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Lots of vehicles are rare but not all are wildly desirable. Corvettes are typically a dime a dozen but there are a few outliers. This Callaway Corvette from 1991 might be one of the increasingly enjoyable ways to get into the rare vehicle game and it happens to come with well-nigh 400 ponies under the hood.

Now, don’t get us wrong, at $59,900, it’s not a screaming deal necessarily. That’s still a decent permafrost of change. It’s unbearable to pick up all manner of brand-new mainstream metal. It’s plane unbearable to get an unused V8 sports car from Chevrolet, Dodge, or Ford. What it’s not unbearable for though is a new Corvette but this Callaway version is far rarer.

According to the listing and a build plate in the car itself, this is just the second of its kind for the 1991 model year. Callaway only made 62 that year so this is truly a very rare car. Under the hood lurks a twin-turbocharged V8 factory rated at 402 hp (299 kW) and 575 lb-ft (778 Nm) of torque.

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What’s more, is that it’s very unmistakably something special from the way it looks externally. That’s all thanks to the Callaway Aerobody Package which includes a special hood, rear quarter-panel vents, and increasingly ducting on the front bumper. It would be tough for an everyday automotive enthusiast to miss the fact that this is a Callaway too.

Beyond the aero changes, the trademark appears on the exterior of this car at least seven times. That’s one time on each wheel, one time in the front, one time in the back, and at least one time on the rear glass. The inside mostly looks like a stock Corvette of the same year.

It does have a special Callaway build plate and the very rare (though technically misogynist on a normal Chevrolet Corvette) willowy suspension. With all of that in mind, we’re somewhat interested to see if someone snatches it up from its listing on eBay. It doesn’t towards to have a history of forfeiture and features just 7,989 miles (12,857 km) on the odometer. It’s sitting in Englewood Colorado for whoever might be interested.

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