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Mercedes 2023 Launch Diary Leaked, AMG GT On Sale In October

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Mercedes has a rented year superiority of it, which is whimsically surprising when you think it has virtually 50 models in its portfolio. In each 12-month period a significant number of those are going to be either facelifted or replaced by all-new vehicles.

And now we have a largest idea well-nigh when those changes are going to happen thanks to an internal Mercedes document that has fallen into the hands of Spanish wheels website Periodismo del Motor.

What appears to be a slide from an official presentation shows a variety of Mercedes models from the luxury EQS SUV to the AMG GT sports car, taking in the new E-Class and CLE coupe, and a slew of facelifted SUVs withal the way.

The months mentioned for each vehicle most likely refer to on-sale dates in Spain since we’ve once seen some of these cars stuff unveiled, including the EQS SUV (allegedly arriving in March) and EQE SUV (May/June). But the all-new E-Class is moreover scheduled to go on sale in June based on this info and that car has yet to have the full launch treatment. That said, we have been treated to interior pictures showing its unique dashboard design, so the big reveal can’t be far away.

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 Mercedes 2023 Launch Diary Leaked, AMG GT On Sale In October

September brings mildly refreshed versions of the GLA, GLB and GLE, which we’ve once seen, plus a facelifted GLS and a trademark new GLC Coupe, which we haven’t. That’s followed a month later by the all-new CLE coupe, a two-door model that replaces both the old C-Class and E-Class coupes. Moreover coming in October, equal to the document, is the new AMG GT, the tin-top cousin to the SL roadster that was launched last year, and which adopts the same two-plus-two seating layout.

Other models mentioned, but listed without dates, include facelifted examples of the A, B and CLA-Class, and the AMG One, together with the Maybach-ized luxury version of the EQS SUV. The text refers to “Maybach Concept,” which may indicate that it will be shown as a show car first.

As we’ve mentioned, the dates shown on the slide likely refer to on-sale months for Spain, so if you’re in North America you might have to wait a few months longer to get your hands on some of these cars.

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