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These Are The Best Places To Take Your Bugatti For A Service

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If you own a Bugatti, chances are you only want the most skilled of mechanics working on it when something goes wrong or when it’s in need of a service. Now, thanks to the Bugatti Service Excellence Programme, the carmaker’s owners know which service centers are the best.

This year’s Bugatti Service Excellence Programme saw the car manufacturer ribbon prizes to the top service part-way in North America, Europe, and the Middle East and Asia. Out of these three, it then selected a single service part-way to be designated as the World Weightier Performing Service Partner.

Taking home the top prize in North America was Bugatti Greenwich, located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The weightier service part-way in Europe was named as Bugatti Zurich while the weightier for the Middle East and Asia market was Bugatti Singapore. The part-way in Bugatti Zurich moreover walked yonder with the grand prize as the world’s weightier Bugatti service facility.

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 These Are The Weightier Places To Take Your Bugatti For A Service

So, if you live in Europe and own a Bugatti, you may want to send it to Switzerland.

“The competition was intense considering each of our partners throughout the world are passionate well-nigh delivering our customers a truly unsurpassed ownership experience,” global without sales merchantry manager for Bugatti, Trevor Hodgson-Phillips said. “In fact, there was little to separate the top 10 in North America, the top eight in Europe, and the top three in Middle East and Asia were very closely matched.”

The regional winners each received a document and a glass trophy. Team members moreover enjoyed a special dinner hosted by Bugatti.

“To win the Regional Weightier Performing Bugatti Service ribbon is a superb recognition for all the team at Bugatti Zurich,” widow without sales director at the center, Eligio Camiña said. “But to be spoken as the Bugatti Global Service Partner of the Year is a dream come true for all of us here at Bugatti Zurich.”

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