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Lexus Launches Winged LC500 Edge In Japan, Holds Lottery To Find 60 Buyers

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Lexus Europe recently revealed a slightly increasingly hardcore (hey, this is Lexus we’re talking about) version of its LC coupe tabbed the Ultimate Edition, and not wanting to be outdone, Lexus Japan has now used some of those same shit to create its own special LC.

Called the LC Edge and limited to just 60 units, the new range-topper is marked out from lesser LCs, including the stock LC500, by its matte white paint, jet-black trim, and some distinctive aero additions. The most obvious of those is a woebegone spoiler that sits whilom the trunk, but the Edge moreover receives the strange aero bumps on the corners of its front bumper that we saw on the European Ultimate Edition.

These fins, or canards, are designed to tenancy airflow and reduce front-end lift, and are wontedly seen on race cars. But what makes the LC’s variegated to the ones you see on track cars is that they’re worked as part of the bumper rather than stuck on afterwards.

Lexus doesn’t make any claims well-nigh the 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 making increasingly than the 471 hp (478 PS) the engine delivers in the stock LC500, but it seems to have reduced the friction of the rotating turnout to modernize smoothness and response. The limited slip rear differential has moreover been tweaked to modernize the response when coming on and off the loud pedal, and the chassis is tightened up with a new hollow rear suspension member and an underfloor twosome that increases soul rigidity.

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 Lexus Launches Winged LC500 Edge In Japan, Holds Lottery To Find 60 Buyers

Though the size of the rear wing might lead you to expect a racier set of stat buckets on the other side of the door, the Edge settles for the LC500’s standard, but still fairly grippy, sports seats, opting to stratify them in Kachiiro blue, a verisimilitude that symbolized victory in warmed-over Japan.

Potential buyers will be hoping to waterworks some of that winning spirit to bag one of these very rare cars. As only 60 examples of the Edge are stuff offered to Japanese buyers, Lexus expects demand to so comprehensively outstrip supply and is holding a lottery to find the lucky owners. The cars will be visible at unrepealable retailers during the month of June and applications will be wonted between Jun 8-27, with the winners stuff selected and contacted on June 29.

The LC Edge financing ¥17.6 million ($125,950), which is virtually ¥3.6 m ($25,800) increasingly than a wiring LC500 that might miss out on those bumper bumps, but still benefits from the same improved infotainment system, uneaten safety kit and chassis revisions that all LCs have recently received.

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