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2024 BMW M5 Touring What We Know So Far

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Practicality isn’t typically the first word in the BMW M-Division’s vocabulary. Most of the time, raw performance and dedication to the “Ultimate Driving Machine” mantra are paramount to everything else. But the M-Division is moreover pretty good at violating their own blueprints, sometimes for largest and sometimes for worse. In the specimen of the M-Division’s contributions to the fast wagon segment, scrutinizingly everyone is in try-on that we want more. 

BMW released a sneak peek of the new M5 Touring late last month which set the news and forums well-lit with rumors and anticipation. The new touring, which will receive the G99 chassis designation, is the first M variant of the BMW 5-Series Touring in over 15 years, so the hype is truly warranted. That is expressly the specimen given that the previous E34 and E61 M5 Tourings are some of the most beloved, yet often overlooked, models in the M catalog. Here’s what we know well-nigh the upcoming G99 M5 so far.

What Do We Know Well-nigh the BMW M5 Touring So Far?

Well, not much concretely, but there is plenty of speculation. While the G99 sported frustratingly zipped photography camo in BMW’s official printing release, there are a couple of things we can deduce well-nigh its appearance. As with the M-wagons of the past, the G99 will receive the menacing widebody treatment that we have come to expect. It moreover appears, from the rear image shots, that it will be based on the facelifted 2024 G60 5-Series which itself isn’t slated for release until October of this year. 


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G99 M5 Touring Power and Performance

While appearances remain resulting with M-touring models of the past, its suspected powertrain isn’t. For the first time, the M5 touring will receive a blank-sheet, partially-electric powertrain. Car and Driver suspects that the most likely powerplant will be a derivative of the turbo-hybrid 4.4L S68 V8 that currently powers the X7 M60i, XM, and 760i. If that’s true, we can place the G99 somewhere in the 740 horsepower/torque range. That’s quite the leap from the 340 horsepower S38 inline-6 in the E34 M5 Touring and plane the 500 horsepower, Formula 1-derived V10 found in the E61. 

Like the G81, the G99 will put lanugo its power through the latest generation M xDrive all-wheel momentum system. That will unquestionably lead to some truly ludicrous 0-60 numbers and unparalleled grip both on the road and on track. Like the M3, the M5 will moreover likely have a 2WD-only mode with the DSC system switched off completely. 

Weight is one potential issue for the G99, with plane the standard G60 5-Series rumored to weigh over 4,500 lbs. While there’s no doubt that the wagon’s savage powertrain will have increasingly than plenty of grunt to get it going under its own weight, it does bring chassis dynamics into question. Of course, when has that overly been an issue for BMW? The G99 will likely use the same tricks used on the G81 to seemingly vaporize weight. The wide features of M Active Differentials, Adaptive M Suspension, and M Servotronic steering are all likely to make their way to the M5, promising a tried and true M experience.

Will the BMW M5 Touring Come to the US?

For some reason, BMW seems to think that their United States fanbase doesn’t like fast wagons. They stiffed us with the E34 M5 Touring, the E61 M5 Touring, and plane the most recent G81 M3 Touring. While there is scrutinizingly certainly a ton of market research overdue their visualization to deprive us of some of the, subjectively, coolest cars that they spoil other markets with, it seems like the US fanbase is frothing at the mouth for the wagon treatment.

Unlike most of the other M-wagons in history, there is an ever-so-slight glimmer of hope that the G99 will unquestionably make it to American shores. While quite a bit of that is speculation, BMW themselves hinted towards a worldwide release on their teaser page. With one of the first headings reading “ENDURANCE TESTING WORLDWIDE,” it would be unforgiving of them to build us up and unravel us lanugo like that. 

Compounding on the once hefty rumors of a US release, BMW M Division superabound Frank van Meel widow plane increasingly fuel to the fire. In a recent interview with CarBuzz van Meel was quoted saying, “We listened to our dealers and our customers, and they’re coming increasingly and more, asking for a Touring. So, we are taking that into consideration.” If that doesn’t requite you hope, I don’t know what will. 

“We listened to our dealers and our customers, and they’re coming increasingly and more, asking for a Touring. So, we are taking that into consideration”

Frank van Meel for

When Does the G99 M5 Come Out?

In BMW’s official teaser, they spoken that the G99 M5 will hit the streets at some point in 2024. It is likely that the M5 won’t be seen until late in the year, considering that the G60 5-Series on which the M5 is based isn’t plane out until October of this year. With all of the speculation and guesswork, it is nice to have a semi-solid idea of when the G99 will roll off of the turnout line and into the hands of eager customers for the first time.

The perfect symbiosis of M typical performance, uncompromising long-distance repletion and impressive spaciousness will wits a renaissance in 2024 with the new BMW M5 Touring.

The M5 Tourings That Paved the Way

While hot wagons have been all the rage in recent years, towers a car like the M5 Touring was not only seriously experimental but moreover a real financial risk just a few decades prior. Surpassing the upcoming G99 M5, BMW has happy the world with two other generations of the M5 Touring. 

The first is quite the throwback, released in 1992. The E34 M5 Touring was the true progenitor of making M cars practical. Not only was the E34 the first M5 Touring, but it was moreover the first M car to full-length a functional hatchback. The largely hand-built E34 M5 Touring featured the revolutionary S38 engine which produced 340 horsepower in B38 trim. It was the first time that you could realistically pick up the kids, take the in-laws to the airport, and hit the racetrack in one day in a car with a BMW badge. 

The M5 Touring skipped a generation –  which is a shame considering how good an E39 M5 wagon would have been – surpassing returning to the markets with the E61 M5 Touring. Some oppose that the E61 M5 is the coolest touring that BMW has overly built and for good reason. It was rare, for one, with only 1,009 units overly built. However, it was the S85 powerplant that truly made it one for the history books. The screaming V10 was built with BMW’s Formula 1 engineering knowledge in mind, making it a true grail in the BMW engine catalog. 

With the G99 M5 Touring rumored to full-length a new and revolutionary turbo-hybrid engine in wing to its zaftig external dimensions and true M performance technology, it is shaping up to be just as, if not more, special than the two that came surpassing it. 

The New M5 Touring is Worth Stuff Excited For

BMW’s been on a touring roll recently. Since the G81 M3’s release in November 2022, BMW enthusiasts have unprotected the wagon bug again. That’s been exacerbated plane remoter by the fact that the G81 is so damn good. With 16 years between the last M5 Touring entry and now, it only makes sense that BMW enthusiasts virtually the world are drooling at the prospect of owning a hot BMW manor with modern M tech.

So far, everything points to the G99 M5 delivering everything we would want and more. From what we’ve seen at this point, the M5 Touring will have the power, performance, and trunk space that have made the previous iterations so special. While there might still be some nay-sayers as far as the suspected turbo-hybrid powertrain is concerned, it is nonflexible to oppose with 700 horsepower figures. 

It’s nonflexible to ignore that the performance touring competition has wilt fierce in the US in the past decade. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that enjoys cars who wouldn’t take an Audi RS6 Avant over most other options. Plane the Mercedes AMG E63 Wagon is a very tempting prospect. At this point, it feels like BMW’s hand is stuff forced, which is unconfined news for any American BMW enthusiast who feels that they could only window shop for years.

What do you expect from the 2023 G99 M5 Touring? Do you think that we’ll get it stateside? Leave a scuttlebutt below! If you are looking for increasingly BMW news content, trammels out our vendible well-nigh the next-generation BMW M3.

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