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Bentley Embraces Tweed And Tailoring With New Huntsman Edition

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Bentley has teamed up with their oldest retailer, Jack Barclay, and tailor Huntsman to unveil two bespoke limited editions at the Savile Row Concours.

Dubbed the Huntsman Edition, the special editions are based on the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Azure and Continental GTC Speed, and “translate Huntsman’s 174 years of bespoke heritage” into modern automobiles. As part of this effort, the vehicles have a unique interior with embroidered Huntsman headrests as well as the brand’s soot four point star design. They’re joined by honeycomb navigate stitching and special sill plates.

Even the keys have been given an upscale makeover as the special editions come with a key box that is “inlaid with tweed and stamped with the Huntsman logo.”

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 Bentley Embraces Tweed And Tailoring With New Huntsman Edition

Getting into specifics, the Bentayga EWB Huntsman Edition has a Burgundy metallic exterior with unexceptionable chrome accents and 22-inch wheels featuring a unexceptionable machined finish. They’re joined by Huntsman Edition badges on the rear pillar.

Moving inside, the crossover blends Huntsman tweed with Damson and Portland leather in a “masterclass of craftsmanship.” Bentley went on to say tweed accents can be found throughout the motel including on the shifter, door pockets, stowage areas and grab handles. Elsewhere, there’s Piano Damson veneers, Huntsman embroidery, and Huntsman tweed micro-piping.

The Continental GTC Speed Huntsman Edition goes in a variegated direction as it has a grey satin exterior with woebegone accents as well as woebegone 22-inch wheels. They’re joined by a woebegone Huntsman token on the front fenders.

 Bentley Embraces Tweed And Tailoring With New Huntsman Edition

The motel embraces a visionless stimulating as Beluga and Porpoise leather unrelatedness with Huntsman tweed. There’s moreover a Galaxy Stone dual finish veneer, which has a granite-like appearance.

Bentley said the two examples are “part of a hodgepodge of 1 of 5 of each model.” The automaker widow customers will be worldly-wise to “influence many aspects of the Huntsman editions” as they’re bespoke by design.

While that isn’t too surprising, buyers will receive a Huntsman jacket to go with their vehicle. However, this isn’t something off-the-rack as customers can travel to the company’s Savile Row store to segregate their preferred reticulum and get measured to “ensure their jacket is crafted exactly to their requirements.”

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