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Facelifted 2025 Bentley Continental And GTC Cabrio Think Its Better To Age Gracefully

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Our spies have captured spare sightings of the upcoming Bentley Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible facelifts during cold-weather testing sessions in various locations wideness northern Europe. These latest encounters provide us with a largest perspective on the predictable cosmetic alterations. (Updated 5/22)

Bentley likes to lean heavily on its heritage and isn’t known for radical, futuristic-looking cars, though over the next few years, we’ll be seeing some relatively major changes in the firm’s diamond language, starting with the Mulliner Batur.

For existing cars like the Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible, however, not much will transpiration in the short-to-medium term, plane when the facelifted versions of both two-door grand tourers towards later this year.


1Our spy photographers have snapped both versions of the Continental testing, and the pictures reveal that each will be very little reverted from the equivalent model currently on sale. In fact, with the huge aftermarket light bar mounted on the bonnet – useful for spotting deer at a loftiness in northern Sweden – trying its hardest to grab our attention, it would be easy to miss the changes altogether.

That light bar, of course, won’t full-length on the finished production Continental, but what will make it to the showroom is the subtly reprofiled bumper that rises far higher, meaning the light units are now located within the bumper, rather than within the fender. The unstipulated shape and layout of the bumper air intakes looks similar, but the upper portion of the side intakes seems to come closer to the lights.

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And unless we’re mistaken, the two light units on each side are now spaced remoter apart, and shaped differently to the lamps on the current car. The grille moreover appears fractionally shorter, on the newer cars, though we can’t be sure. If it is, and Bentley has extended the hood to make it happen, that’s a lot of effort to go for something most people won’t plane notice, unless there are crash-test benefits we don’t yet know about.

Moving to the rear, something we can be unrepealable well-nigh is that the taillights, which are single-piece units on the current car, are now split, with the inner portion remaining with the trunk lid when it’s lifted up. Though the one-piece lamps squint neater, switching to two-piece lights might indulge Bentley to make the rather narrow trunk opening usefully wider.


But if the visual changes heading the Continental twins’ way don’t pique your interest, the far increasingly noteworthy mods under the hood might. Bentley has single-minded to offering only plug-in hybrids and electric cars from 2026, so the facelifted GT and GTC will proceeds a hybrid option, which should initially be offered slantingly traditional combustion versions.

The hybrid is likely to mirror the powertrain in the Flying Spur Hybrid, which ways a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 working with a single 134 hp (136 PS) electric motor to requite a combined 536 hp (544 PS) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm). Electric range probably won’t stretch much vastitude 20 miles (32 km), which is well-nigh how many miles you can get from a gallon of gas in a current Conti fitted with the optional W12 engine. Sadly, that engine is stuff phased out in April 2024 and is unlikely to full-length in the facelifted GT and GTC lineups.


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