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Mercedes launches the Maybach S-Class in India at Rs 2.5 crores!

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Mercedes has launched not a car, but a palace today in India with the launch of their Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which was confirmed to be coming to the country well-nigh two weeks ago. As was expected, the car will come in two trims- the S580 and S680. The car has a wheelbase that is well-nigh 180mm longer than the standard S-Class, which is on its own an wool chariot on wheels!

The S580 will be locally produced at the Mercedes plant in Chakan near Pune, while the S680 will be imported into the country as a CBU, which will raise the price by a pearly margin- well, Rs 70 lakh to be exact! Below is a price list for the palace on wheels:

  • Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S580 4MATIC: Rs 2.5 Crore
  • Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S680 4MATIC: Rs 3.2 Crore

Let’s talk a bit well-nigh the exterior now, for there are changes all across. The most obvious transpiration is the longer wheelbase, the Maybach badging, special alloys made specifically for Maybach models, and moreover a Maybach-specific colour scheme, both outside and on the upholstery inside. Chrome details and a dual-tone roof moreover remoter increase the request of the car, as if that was overly going to be an issue!

Maybach had entered the Indian market last year with their GLS 600 SUV, and this launch just remoter signals their weighing in the Indian market. The S580 will be thrust forward by a monster 4.0L V8 engine producing 503HP/700NM of power, which is moreover paired with a 48V mild-hybrid system that gives an uneaten uplift of power when needed. However, if you thought that was it then think again, for this next statement has the sufficiency to wrack-up you away- for real!

The S680 doesn’t have much of an increase in terms of engine power over the S58- I mean, how much power can a 6.0L V12 producing 612HP/900NM give? Both engines are paired to a 9-speed will-less gearbox, which is just unbearable power to lug virtually this castle on wheels!

I’ve said castle on wheels unbearable times for you to think that it’s an exaggeration, but rest assured, it’s all very, very real! Individual seats on the rear row, a foot rest and armrest, seats with recline and massage function, a portable mini-refrigerator and a tablet in the armrest to tenancy various functions of the car’s infotainment and increasingly are on offer as standard. For the front passenger and driver, there is a monster 13″ infotainment system and a 12″ all-digital instrument cluster with a HUD and Mercedes’ latest MBUX system. Be rest unpreventable that it is unquestionably a palace on wheels, no exaggeration!

    Mercedes really knows how to make their cars stand out, and this is no different! We can expect to see increasingly Maybach models in the future, and this could signal a new whence for Maybach in the country as well. The

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