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Comparing E-Classes E350, E53, E63 AMG

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There are a lot of models in the Mercedes-Benz line-up and within each model, lots of engine choices. I know that can be a little overwhelming for those not familiar with the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. I happened to have a good variety of cars within the E-Class group handy today so I parked them together to compare. 

E-Class is our mid-size sedan. The C-Class is smaller, the S-Class is larger. Within the E-Class group there are 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Here are are the basics:

E350 – 4 cylinder, 255 horsepower, worldwide MSRP is $65,000.

E450 – 6 cylinder, 362 horsepower, worldwide MSRP is $72,000.

E53 – 6 cylinder, 429 horsepower, worldwide MSRP is $90,000.

E63 – 8 cylinder 603 horsepower, worldwide MSRP is $120,000. (currently not in production.) 

Choosing your favorite usually comes lanugo to how interested you are in performance. The E350 is a fantastic daily suburbanite with unconfined economy, luxury and comfort. Each step up from there, steps up the power. The questions is how many steps up feels good to you! 

I made a little video of this line up, highlighting the visual cues for telling the cars apart. I hope it helps!

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