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Audis EV Range Will Include City Cars And Avant Models

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Audi has provided a hint at some of the cars that will be found in its future range of electric vehicles.

The car manufacturer has previously confirmed that it will only launch new all-electric models from 2026 surpassing completely killing off combustion-powered vehicles by 2033. This plan will prompt it to release a bevy of EVs over the coming years.

During a recent interview with Top Gear, Audi research and minutiae superabound Oliver Huffmann said the trademark will have electric cars in all of its cadre segments by 2027. That ways EVs sized like the A3, A4, A6, A7, and A8, as well as a plethora of similarly-sized crossovers.

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While details well-nigh many of Audi’s planned EVs remain under wraps, Top Gear asked Huffmann whether the company’s range would protract to include Avants. He provided a very encouraging response.

“Look at our A6 e-tron concept. It gives a very, very well-spoken vision of our upcoming PPE cars,” he said. “I think Audi stands for Avant and Avant for Audi. And unquestionably the RS6 Avant is moreover a success in North America.”

Audi moreover appears to be unshut to the idea of electric municipality cars having previously toyed with the idea through the release of the AI:ME concept.

“We have a well-spoken focus on municipality cars,” the R&D superabound said. “We are thinking out of the box. We see a upper demand for small cars in the electric world.”

Elsewhere, we know that Audi is working on something it calls Project Artemis that will result in an EV that serves as an electric equivalent of the A8. As for the future of the TT and R8 in the electric age? Well, Hoffmann was a little coy on them.

“The TT was a big surprise,” he said. “Not the fastest sports car, but a surprising and unique design. The R8 is a real supercar, but it was moreover a surprise. Look on the biggest world regions, we can surprise you moreover in the future.”

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