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Got $229K? Check Out The Bentley Bentayga SUV

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It was a delightful September morning in Alpharetta where a confidential driving encounter was set to happen as Bentley proprietors from everywhere the Southeast came to get their most memorable look and feel of the 2019 Bentley Bentayga V8.

This is a 542 drive SUV versus 600 pull on the V12 (it's likewise 500 lbs. lighter in weight). At the point when the Bentayga previously emerged, it had all of the rough terrain settings practically identical to a Reach Wanderer. In 2018, they emerged with a choice to dispose of the rough terrain settings and brought the base cost down from $229K to $199K.

It's as yet an AWD vehicle be that as it may, a portion of the settings have changed. The base cost on the V8 is $165K before you begin including bundles and really taking a look at boxes the rundown of choices.

British Bulldog: Bentley builds the world's fastest and most expensive SUV  – New York Daily News

The Bentley line hasn't offered a model under $200K in a really long time however I can perceive you direct, it is as yet 100 percent a Bentley. From the paint choices to the cowhide, it actually overflows that unique European extravagance.

As I pulled up to a vehicle at a traffic signal, a marker streaked on the dashboard called "Shield." When the vehicle feels like you're not focusing, it will hard brake for you. So as I backed off to the vehicle before me, the light came on and the vehicle made a hard stop. Defend is one on an extremely broad rundown of choices for the Bentayga V8.

The "Fair warning" show is another cool choice that is accessible. Watching out into the ether (into the windshield and right over the dashboard) you can see the speed you're driving as well as the real speed limit. It has cameras that initiate sensors all around the vehicle that permit it to peruse as far as possible any place you are. No more reasons when you get pulled over.

Bentley $229K SUV world's most luxurious: Bentley USA CEO | Bentley  continental gt, Bentley continental gt speed, Bentley continental

Cricket Ball Metallic is the name of the paint that was on the test vehicle I drove. The pecan like flash was praised by the dark front belt which is a stage away from the typical chrome. There were carbon fiber and conventional facade in the cockpit with chrome accents for sure.

The inside seems to be a work of art. Simply looking at the inside prior to entering was likened to a first-look at the "Execution" by Pablo Picasso. It was genuinely a thing of beauty.

Size-wise, its just contest is a Reach Wanderer. Execution wise, the nearest contest is the Porsche Cayenne Super. They sport a similar case be that as it may, it's a lot more modest cockpit inside wise on the Cayenne. Be that as it may, the Bentayga has the drive of a Mainland GT, perfection of a Flying Prod, and afterward you have the utility perspective. So you're truly driving three vehicles in one.

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The controlling is essentially as easy as you would expect to move 6,000 pounds of extravagance. The motor hushes up, the ride is smooth, and you won't actually see that 58-hp you're absent from the V-12 model.

One thing I've seen with Bentley is that the Bentayga is the one model you'll see in and out of town as an everyday driver. While the convertibles and vehicles are known for Sunday Walks and dark tie undertakings, the Bentayga should be visible at Lenox Shopping center, the Shoppes of Buckhead, and your nearby Publix. A genuine day to day driver.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the average price of a Bentley SUV?

The 2023 Bentley Bentayga begins at $200,025. At the opposite finish of the cost range, the reach besting Bentayga Speed begins at $267,325.

What are the benefits of Bentley Bentayga?

All V8 models highlight Bentley Dynamic Ride a creative, electronic enemy of roll framework that makes changes naturally in light of driving circumstances. It assists keep the lodge with corralling while cornering at speed, while likewise diminishing vibrations and further developing ride quality on the open street.

Are Bentley Bentaygas expensive to maintain?

The Bentley Bentayga administration cost will rely upon your specific year and model, as well as the design you have chosen. To give you a thought, costs start around $1,495 for the primary assistance span, $2,495 for the second, and about $3,800 for the third stretch.

Can you negotiate the price of a Bentley?

Like with any extravagance vehicle acquisition, it's feasible to arrange the cost of the Bentley Mainland GT with the showroom. It is critical to recollect that while you might have the option to wrangle over the retail cost and get a more ideal arrangement, it is likewise fundamental to comprehend what you are getting for the cash.

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