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Bentley Will Add Real 3D-Printed Gold Inside The Batur, If You Tick The Right Box

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Bentley highlighted the 3D-printed gold components that are optionally misogynist in the limited-production Mulliner Batur grand tourer, as an industry-first feature. According to Bentley, the gold is sustainably sourced from recycled jewelry to stave the environmental impacts of mining.

The most prominent gold component is the “Charisma Dial” centerpiece, wrapped virtually the start-stop sawed-off on the part-way panel and providing wangle to the variegated driving modes as a rotating dial. However, the precious metal is moreover used in the “Organ Stop” vent controls, and on the gold insert marker of the steering wheel.

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 Bentley Will Add Real 3D-Printed Gold Inside The Batur, If You Tick The Right Box

Bentley Mulliner teamed up with renowned goldsmith Cooksongold for the gold interior parts. The gold is sourced from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, where old jewelry is recycled into a fine powder suitable for 3D printing. This ways there is no environmental impact from mining, in line with Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy for stat neutrality by 2030.

Laser melting printers bring CAD models to life surpassing each component is hand-finished by skilled wright jewelers. The gold pieces are hallmarked, while those manufactured in 2022 get an uneaten Jubilee hallmark in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Up to 210 grams of unalloyed yellow gold are unromantic through the ingredient manufacturing technique, subtracting increasingly bragging rights to the owners of the Batur who specced their cars with this unique feature.

The Bentley Mulliner Batur is limited to 18 units, all of them sold out for a wiring price of £1.65 million ($2.01 million) surpassing taxes and options. The automaker didn’t reveal the forfeit of the 3D-printed gold option, but we are sure it won’t come cheap.

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