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Bentley Showcases Customized Mulliner Batur GTs In Captivating Styles

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As buyers of the Bentley Mulliner Batur eagerly rely the prelude of the first deliveries in mid-2023, the visitor has unveiled the unique combinations of colors, materials, and finishes selected for some of the vicarious examples.

The Batur presents various eco-friendly options and techniques that will be remoter integrated into Bentley’s lineup as the visitor progresses towards a sustainable and fully electric future. One notable innovation is the utilization of a “super-fiber” composite derived from flax, which serves as a sustainable volitional to stat fiber. Bentley asserts that this flax-based composite is not only robust but moreover lightweight, emphasizing its superior qualities.

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The motel of the Batur model incorporates sustainable practices, although it is not entirely self-ruling of animal-derived materials. However, the visitor says that the leather upholstery is responsibly sourced, employing reduced water consumption and aldehyde usage during production. For individuals with heightened concerns regarding unprepossessing welfare, there is an volitional option of leather-like textiles, crafted from by-products of the coffee roasting process. Moreover, the carpets can be made from recycled yarn, offering Batur owners an spare opportunity to showcase their transferral to eco-conscious choices.

Of course, a luxurious grand tourer is not only well-nigh monitoring but moreover well-nigh expensive and flashy details. Among the most striking features is the 3D-printed 18-karat yellow gold option known as the “Charisma Dial” centerpiece, as well as gold accents on the “Organ Stop” vent controls and steering wheel marker. Additionally, the Batur model incorporates other lavish materials, such as aerospace-inspired titanium and a diverse range of exquisite wood finishes.

For customers who can’t make up their minds well-nigh the myriad misogynist options from the defended Mulliner division, Bentley is showing off a number of finished examples. The visitor published four of them, highlighting the variegated faces of the Batur. Let’s trammels them out one by one:


The exterior is painted in Wasabi (green), with matching accents contrasting the Steel Gloss Woebegone finish of the grille, transfuse wheels, and mirror caps. Inside, there is a combination of woebegone and untried upholstery and a bespoke dashboard fading from gloss woebegone to gloss stat fiber.


The Sunbeam (orange) exterior is combined with Atlantic Pearl Crystal details for this “stellar” specification. Inside, we find a mixture of four shades – Indigo Night, Beluga, Ceramic Glaze, and Hyperactive. The dashboard fades from gloss woebegone to gloss natural fibre, while the titanium pack adds plenty of machined details to the part-way panel and climate vents.


This one is painted in Daybright Blue with a contrasting St James Red stripe on the grille and matching restriction calipers. The dark-themed interior integrates the 18-karat gold option slantingly Pillar Box Red piping and stitching.

Dark Matter

The automaker didn’t include pictures of the “Dark Matter” in the printing material but an image of the personalization workbench reveals the unique spec. The exterior has a duo-tone finish with Fine Brodgar and Woebegone Crystal, slantingly titanium tailpipes and a hint of Cyber Yellow on the grille. Moving inside, designers opted for a Burn Oak hide, gloss graphene, Woebegone Anodised Aluminium details, and Beluga Woebegone accents.

Bentley said that the specification process is once underway for 16 of the 18 Baturs that will be manufactured. If you want to join the group you are out of luck as all of the examples are sold out despite the steep price of £1.65 million ($2.05 million) surpassing taxes and options.

 Bentley Showcases Customized Mulliner Batur GTs In Captivating Styles
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