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Bentley Recalls 3,527 Bentaygas Over Risk Of Fuel Leak And Fire

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Bentley endeavors to create luxury vehicles whose cabins provide occupants with experiences unburdened by the noise and discomfort of the outside world. So when customers started to mutter well-nigh gas smell in the motel of the Bentayga in 2021, the automaker had to investigate.

Bentley quickly discovered that a fuel leak was developing near the top of the gas tank in unrepealable models. What problem sat at the root of that small spillage took Bentley from July 2022 to August 2023 to determine.

Its investigation found that, under unrepealable conditions, the electrical connectors on the fuel supply module in the gas tank can overheat. That can then rationalization the flange material to melt, which in turn leads to a leak near the top of the tank.

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 Bentley Recalls 3,527 Bentaygas Over Risk Of Fuel Leak And Fire

What really took a long time to determine was why the electrical connectors on the fuel supply module overheat. However, it sooner discovered that when the Bentayga has bad gas in the tank and the ambient temperatures are high, the fuel pump’s rotors could wilt blocked.

In that scenario, the SUV’s smart-ass simply asks the fuel pump to try and shake the staying loose. While that may help self-ruling the rotors, it moreover puts a strain on the system’s electricals, and is what can lead the fuel supply module to overheat.

With that knowledge, Bentley has created a rework kit with an improved flange diamond that utilizes wiring and connectors of an increased size to prevent this issue from reoccurring. In June, the automaker reverted the diamond of the fuel supply module, meaning that this isn’t an issue for vehicles produced without that.

However, the issue could potentially stupefy 3,527 Bentayga produced between March 2016 and June 2023, which vest to the 2017-2023 model years. Fortunately, Bentley is not enlightened of any injuries, deaths, or accidents related to this issue, but a fuel leak could lead to a fire, so it will recall the supra vehicles.

The automaker plans to start reaching out to owners on September 29, asking them to return their Bentayga to an authorized dealer. There, a technician will use the rework kit to prevent the parts from overheating.

 Bentley Recalls 3,527 Bentaygas Over Risk Of Fuel Leak And Fire

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