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2026 Honda Prelude: Everything We Know

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Honda has affirmed another Introduction, however will it come to the US? We know this.

The Honda Preface Idea was an unforeseen pleasure when it appeared at the Tokyo Engine Show the year before. The organization has since affirmed the Introduction idea will ultimately come to creation, which has sent the gossip plant into a free for all of hypothesis.

It will not be essentially as lively as it looks, sadly, with a proficient half and half powertrain stowing away under that smooth body. Be that as it may.

Surprisingly, the last Preface possibly made 200 pull when it left the American market toward the finish of 2001. The last creation rendition ought to look basically the same as the idea, which is a success in our book yet it's as yet hazy on the off chance that Honda plans to sell it here in the US.

What Will It Be Called?

Honda's new roadster will restore the Introduction name utilized on the idea. Honda involved the moniker for its two-entryway sports vehicle from 1978 until 2001.

2026 Honda Prelude

The new Preface will supplant the since-ended Municipal and Accord Cars Honda's setup, and it will act as a "introduction for every one of the electric vehicles" the organization intends to send off before long.

What Will the Honda Prelude Look Like?

The Introduction idea reviewed the model's return as a two-entryway cross breed roadster. The automaker has a propensity for making its creation models intently look like ideas as seen with the Metro and we anticipate that that should occur with this new model.

Honda Prelude Look

The idea had the exemplary short back deck and long hood extents of a roadster. A basic lower front grille opening sat beneath smooth headlights, while a full-width back light bar in a dark encompass.

Under a dark deck-top spoiler supplemented the clean styling. Honda never showed the Preface's lodge on the idea. Some Honda signs will persist, and it could have extraordinary Introduction marking and exceptional seats inside.

How Big is the Prelude?

Assuming the most recent reports are valid, the new Preface ought to be comparative in size to the Toyota GR86 sports vehicle. The Honda will be around two inches longer than the Toyota at 169.3.

Crawls while having the equivalent estimated wheelbase 101.4 inches and almost indistinguishable levels at 51.2 and 51.6 inches, individually. The Honda is about a half-inch more extensive than the Toyota and has a 2+2 design for four travelers.

What Will Power the Prelude?

Honda has affirmed the car will have a cross breed powertrain with two electric engines. The most recent report says the Introduction will utilize the very 2.0-liter four-chamber e:HEV motor that drives the Agreement and Community half breeds.

2026 Honda Prelude Type R: We Envision The Production Coupe

Notwithstanding, the Preface will deliver a touch more power than that pair, assessed at 207 hp. The new Metro Mixture makes 200 hp, which is more than the new City Si, while the Agreement has 204 hp.

Those numbers line up with the assertion made by Honda's main specialist, Tomoyuki Yamagami, who said the Introduction wouldn't be "the sportiest, zippiest vehicle." It likewise lines up with the way that the roadster will probably have a persistently factor transmission. The Urban will stay the main choice with a manual gearbox.

Will Honda Sell the Prelude in America?

Albeit the organization carried the idea to last year's Los Angeles Car expo, Honda actually presently can't seem to affirm in the event that it will sell the new Preface in the US. Honda let it out carried the crossover roadster to America "to check client interest.

Notwithstanding, Yamagami has uncovered that Honda is fostering the Preface in both left-and right-hand arrangements, expanding the opportunity it could show up on our shores.

How Much Will the Prelude Cost?

As indicated by reports, Honda needs to situate the new Preface as a top notch choice over the Municipal and Toyota GR86. In Japan, the GR86 costs ¥2.9 to ¥3.6 million ($18,738 to $23,261 at the present conversion standard). The Preface will cost somewhat more, going from ¥4.2 to ¥4.5 million ($27,138 to $29,077) in that country.

Honda Prelude Concept

In the event that the Preface shows up in America, Honda actually needs to outmatch the Toyota, it could begin some place in the $30,000 territory as the GR86 starts at $30,395 in the US (the cost incorporates the $1,095 objective charge).

In any case, the Toyota makes 228 hp from its 2.4-liter level motor, so it would be less expensive and more remarkable than the Honda however less productive.

When Will the Honda Prelude Go on Sale?

Despite the fact that Honda set the web ablaze last October with the Preface Idea's shock uncover, going discounted until at some point in 2025, possible as a 2026 model is not normal.

It could show up in the last part of the following year, and clients in America could need to stand by considerably longer assuming Honda falters the worldwide rollout.

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