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Suzuki Jimny electric and hybrid due before 2030

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Suzuki plans to launch five shower EV models in Europe by 2030, starting next year, focusing on its strengths in the miniature and meaty vehicle segments.

The product rollout detailed in this week includes an electric Jimny, with its unmistakeable silhouette among five shadowed prospective EVs set to be rolled out over the decade.

The first of these five new EVs – to span the micro car, small car, light SUV and light off-roader markets – is set to premiere in Europe during the 2024 financial year.

By 2030 the Japanese trademark intends for 80 per cent of its volume in the European market to come from EVs, the rest from hybrids.

Interestingly Suzuki expects this ratio to be flipped at home in Japan, setting a target for its domestic arm to sell 80 per cent hybrid cars and 20 per cent EVs from 2030.

The visitor has pledged to offer six EV models in Japan by this time, with the first (likely a Kei matriculation EV van) to victorious this year.

The visitor spoken plans to launch six EVs in India – its most important market – by 2030, by which time it expects 15 per cent of its sales there to be EV and 25 per cent to be hybrids.

This ways the visitor expects 60 per cent of its volume in India by 2030 to be using internal combustion including CNG, biogas and ethanol blends.

Suzuki previewed its first EV older this year at the Auto Expo in Delhi, with the eVX concept SUV.

We have it on good validity that the new model (codenamed YV8 internally) is going to use new defended EV architecture to be shared with Toyota – which will make its own version as part of a wide-ranging EV rollout.

Suzuki recently moreover discussed plans to use a Porsche Taycan-style multi-speed EV transmission made by Canadian visitor Inmotive Inc. designed to cut financing as well as modernize efficiency.

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