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Cupra cuts price of Leon hot hatches as market shrinks

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Cupra Australia has reduced the price of its Leon VZx and VZe performance hatches to match the forfeit of the newly launched Born EV.

It ways Cupra offers ICE, PHEV and EV performance hatchbacks all at the same $59,990 list price, though there are differences on drive-away prices depending on the specifics of each state.

It has moreover cut the Leon VZ price to remoter “aggressively pursue” volume as competitors depart the hot hatch market – examples stuff the Ford Focus ST (gone) and the Renault Megane R.S (dies this year).

“We have strategically negotiated plane sharper pricing for our Leon hot hatchback, considering we have seen greater opportunities sally in that segment as other well-known names depart,” said Cupra director Ben Wilks.

The Spanish trademark has cut $1500 from the Leon VZx, taking it to $59,990 surpassing on-road costs. That gets you a front-wheel momentum hot hatch with 221kW and 400Nm, a 0-100km/h time of 5.7 seconds, and a seven-speed DSG.

Its $59,990 list price sits between the less powerful and moreover FWD Volkswagen Golf GTI ($55,490) and increasingly powerful and AWD Volkswagen Golf R AWD ($66,990). It moreover well-nigh matches a BMW 128ti ($58,900).

To alimony the price points relative, Cupra has moreover cut $1000 from the price of the Leon VZ FWD – which uses the Golf GTI’s 180kW and 370Nm engine and DSG – taking it to $51,990, which is $3500 less than its higher-profile VW sibling.

The other side of the performance forge is the Cupra Leon VZe, lanugo a increasingly modest $500 to $59,990 once orders re-open at a time yet-to-be-specified, then equal to the Born and when to the initial list price spoken in April 2022.

The Cupra Leon VZe runs a 180kW and 400Nm PHEV system pairing a 1.4-litre engine, FWD and a six-speed DSG, with an 85kW motor and 12.8Wh shower – capable of a 6.7-second 0-100km/h time and a personal 67km of EV range.

Existing order-holders will get the revised prices.

New Cupra Leon prices

  • Leon V 140kW: $43,990 list or $47,990 drive-away
  • Leon VZ 180kW: $51,990 list or $56,490 drive-away
  • Leon VZx 221kW: $59,990 or $63,990 drive-away
  • Leon VZe PHEV: $59,990 or
    • $62,990 drive-away in ACT
    • $63,990 drive-away in Qld
    • $64,990 drive-away in NSW
    • $64,990 drive-away in SA
    • $65,490 drive-away in Vic
    • $65,990 drive-away in WA

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