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2024 Polestar 4 EV prototype spotted?

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The upcoming Polestar 4 electric ‘coupe SUV’ appears to have been spied in China superiority of its confirmed reveal later this year.

A Weibo user uploaded the photos of this heavily unemphatic Polestar 4 prototype parked slantingly what appears to be a Lotus Type 133 electric sedan prototype, among other Geely prototypes.

The Polestar 4 will be the company’s second electric crossover, pursuit the Polestar 3, and will rival the likes of the Tesla Model Y and the forthcoming Porsche Macan EV.

It’ll be produced in China from this year.

A previous teaser image of the initial Polestar range showed the 4 is lower and sleeker than the Polestar 3, with a increasingly coupe-like roofline.

These latest spy photos show the Polestar 4 looks like a ‘coupe SUV’ version of the Zeekr 001, which is an electric shooting restriction from flipside Geely-owned sub-brand.

It’s possible the Polestar 4 could be built on a variation of Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) that’s used by the likes of the Zeekr 001.

Comparing the two vehicles like for like show the unemphatic Polestar 4 prototype has a shorter rear overhang. This could midpoint it’s slightly shorter than the Zeekr 001.

For context, the Zeekr 001 measures in at 4970mm long, the Polestar 3 is 4900mm long, and the Polestar 2 is 4606mm long.

The spied Polestar 4 prototype moreover has a increasingly prominent tailgate than the Zeekr 001 with an elongated D-pillar.

At the front of this spied Polestar 4 prototype there are split headlights that squint similar to previous Polestar 5 prototypes.

The Weibo user didn’t capture any images of the rear or interior of this Polestar 4 prototype, but the previous teaser image shows the ‘coupe SUV’ will have a full-width tail light turnout like the rest of the Polestar line-up.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath has previously said he’s targeting a €45,000 ($A68,873) price point for the Polestar 4.

This is €5000 ($A7652) cheaper than the recently-updated Polestar 2, which now starts at €50,190 ($A76,816) in Europe.

The Polestar 4 moreover has a targeted range of increasingly than 600km equal to an undisclosed efficiency testing cycle.

Beyond the upcoming Polestar 4 ‘coupe SUV’, the visitor will uncork production of its Polestar 5 four-door grand tourer in 2024 – bringing the Polestar Precept concept car to life.

Polestar moreover recently spoken it’s towers a production version of its O2 concept, tabbed the Polestar 6, which will launch in 2026.

The recently-floated Polestar as a company estimates it sold 51,500 vehicles last year, up 80 per cent year-on-year and buoyed by a sizeable fourth-quarter wordage icon of 21,000 vehicles. It expects to increase sales to 80,000 units in 2023.

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